iPad: No rhytm dot in Keyboard panel?

I use Dorico iPad to transcribe some verses.

Dottes notes are only available as a toggle in the left hand panel. Many rhytm actions seem to reset the dot toggle (e.g. changing from eight to quarter note resets the dot): I’m moving my hands a lot to reach the dot toggle and it becomes tiring.

To enter music I go into Write mode and use the functions on the Keyboard panel to chose rhytm and then enter a pitch. The keyboard panel has all common rhythm controls except dotted notes (and silences, but Dorico puts them in automatically).

Is there a more practical method for entering music in the touchpad (rhythm, dot and pitch buttons in the same window)?
Or can I edit the Keyboard panel to add rhythm dot toggle?

*There are already toggles for other things (accent dot and ties) in Keyboard panel but no rhythm dot?
*I don’t want to use the keyboard piano presses to enter note duration, I can’t do that reliably.
*With a USB computer keyboard dot toggle seems to be the “.” button. My problem is for the touch interface.

Great app overall!

Welcome to the forum, Mikael.

We decided not to add the rhythm dot button to the toolbar for the Keyboard (or Fretboard) panel because it’s already available in the toolbox at the left-hand side of the display. Particularly on smaller iPads, the toolbar is already pretty crowded, and we don’t want to duplicate buttons between the two places. I do understand that you have to move your fingers a bit in order to tap the dotted note button, but nevertheless we don’t have any current plans to add it to the lower zone toolbar.

I think on desktop I can press a specific number twice to get to a dotted note ( I think I discovered that on accident).

Is that something that can be added to iPad too?
It would not require an additional button, but could limit needed movement to get to a dotted note in a similar way by pressing a specific note button twice.

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That’s an interesting idea. At the moment we don’t have a way to do this for buttons, but it is of course something that could in theory be added.


Thanks for the replies.
There’s no setting for which four toggle functions you want in Keyboard Panel?

For me, layout space for the rhythm dot toggle should be prioritized over probably all four toggles that are on the current Keyboard Panel. But that’s just my preference ofc.

My ok-ish workaround:
I create a full bar of verse notes without dots, and when “done” with all Keyboard panel input I work with the left panel to toggle desired dots for the bar (and rearrange/cleanup positions if needed).

Having to switch mental focus out of one window takes me out of my thought process, everything for basic input should be in the same box.

some double-tap buttons and/or long hold buttons could indeed add more functions. Another thing would be swipe gestures. A few other iPad apps use this

Have you tried the key editor? It can be pretty helpful for note entry on iPad.

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I didn’t know about the Key editor, thanks. I haven’t tested it enough yet but it’s definitely better than my workaround.
I feel it’s best to leave the topic unsolved, your and japj’s suggestions would be better still and should be considered IMO.