iPad not importing from files or drive

Unable to import files from my ipad. Don’t have desktop version. Files show up on ipad or on Google cloud but greyed out. Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the forum, @Sharose. I don’t believe you can open files directly from Google Drive, because Google Drive limits which kinds of file types can be opened directly by other apps on the iPad. If possible, use a different cloud storage provider, e.g. iCloud itself or Dropbox.

Thanks, dspreadbury. Unfortunately, iCloud doesn’t work either. The file shows up but is greyed out. Even downloading the file directly onto my iPad and then trying to upload from files has the same result. This is a crucial feature for me. Any other ideas?

I’ve only just downloaded the free version of Dorico, so am completely clueless on how to use the app, but if you can be more specific about what you’re trying to import, and you want me to test, I can try and emulate and see if I have any issues? I did a simple export of a couple of notes as a MusicXML file into iCloud, then re-imported it, and it seemed to work no problem.

Welcome to the forum, @SixByNine, and thanks very much for your kind offer to help @Sharose with their problem.

@Sharose, if you use the Files app, are you able to open the project from there?

SOLVED! I needed to convert my PDF’S to XML and everything is working. I used PLAYSCORE 2 to do the conversion on my iPAD if anyone else is wondering how to do this.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH - I’m a newbie!