IPad or Laptop?

Hi, having decided to keep his greasy mits on my money for the last 12 months, the tax man has decided to reimburse me some of my hard earned cash in a little lump sum. I’ve been thinking of treating myself to a new toy and was thinking perhpas a laptop/notebook. The justification to my myself is that I could load up cubase LE (I assume version 6 will be to memory hungry) and Live LE etc so I have a small project pc for ‘on the go’ to get notes ideas down etc and do some very minor mixing/rweaking etc on the train. An alternative is the IPad. I’ve just seen the AC7 Core mixer for IPad which looks pretty cool but wondered is there anything else in IPad land that is DAW related (excluding Logic of course) that can assist in making music. I’ve seen gimiky sort of guitar and keyboard stuff and I like the idea of a touch screen controller but I do not play live or DJ etc so it’s not a massive hardship to use my existing controllers in the studio. Also, I would like to have cubase etc on the go so I think the lap top has the upper hand here. Also, with my portable audio interface I can use it for site and field recording etc. Question is; is it IPad, or laptop? Can I put some of my existing tools (cubase LE, Live and Reason etc ) on an IPad (if they exisit) or do I have to buy again a new platform version? I can see things moving in the IPad world but don’t want to jump on the band wagon for the sake of gimicsville and find myself wanting for a pc base system that I can carry around with me and create on the move.

What’s everyone eles’s thoughts and experiances here. Does anyone know if Steinberg are thinking IPad?



Now is not really the time to buy. When Windows 8 is released that will be perfect for you, as it will run on a tablet, laptop or desktop. I think that you might find a tablet very limiting now, if you want to do any work related things, other than Internet and email.


[quote=“Brookfield67”]Can I put some of my existing tools (cubase LE, Live and Reason etc ) on an IPad (if they exisit) or do I have to buy again a new platform version?

i don’t think the ipad will ever be capable of running a serious multitrack app, not enough processor-power, and no low latency midi/audio in interface.

So if you want a portable version of cubase, go for a laptop. Cubase 6 runs fine on my dell e5500 laptop, nothing special. I can run all the projects that I run on my desktop, even on the onbord soundcard (asio4all driver) (mixing in public transport on headphones!), only with slightly higher latencies. Liverecording 24 tracks is also no problem (RME digiface with expresscard).

As a controller the Ipad is awesome.
check out touchosc for ipad.

Voodoo and I are users that have created usefull Ipad controller setups for Cubase you can copy.
look for the forum, “showcases”. here are the direct links:

beatpete is another cubase/ipad user, has just posted a video of his setup. check our topics about Ipad if you want to know more.

Correction: :mrgreen: http://www.alesis.com/iodock
You would need the same pluginlist to be 100% comatible, and this will take awhile, if it ever hapens. But, this shure looks promissing! If you just use it for garageband it’s probably fine.


Thanks JB. That’s realy helpfull. I think it’s gonna be a laptop over the IPad then. I might even look at one of the higher end Notebooks also. I know my Mrs keeps reassuring me that size isn’t everything :slight_smile:, in this case small and very portable is what I’m after over real power.

Intersting stuff with the Alesis docking station though. I thought that may be on the cards. Perhpas this is the start of things to come?

Thanks for your responce,