IPad OS - Cubasis - Feature Request

Cubasis is the ONLY pro level DAW editor on the iPad. Its touch responsiveness is solid and gestures too.

One area it falls short is in Keyboard, trackpad and mosue support now that stage manager exists it would be a good idea to refresh what keyboard and mouse support looks like on the app.

For example, I was trying to find the optimal way to zoom in and out and scan across but the Zoom in vertical and hroizontal was bug and wouldnt work so I had to keep reaching up to zoom in.

Zoom out worked but the zoom in didnt.

So I went back to my macbook to use logic pro.

The ability to use the mosue wheel to scorll left and right and then press cmd alt and up or down on a mouse wheel to zoom in horizontally was powerful and cut tediting time in half.

Please consider add that functionality - its so effortless.