Ipad play position


how can i change the playback position. i would like to start the playback at measure 5. how can i do this on the ipad app. thanks

best wishes Thomas

In Play mode, you can tap on the ruler to move the playhead to a specific position, then tap the Play button on the toolbar. In Write mode, select a note at the position you want playback to start from, then tap the Play button.

thanks for your answer but i have no ruler. where can i activate it? Thanks

in Weidergabe (“Play mode”)

ach so im schreiben geht das gar nicht da ich die app ohne subscription nutze. danke

No, the fact that you don’t have a subscription isn’t relevant: Play mode is available in Dorico for iPad whether or not you are a subscriber.

Came across this while googling, might as well revive it. How to move the play head position in write mode? (Aka without having to constantly switch from write mode to play mode)

Daniel already answered:

Why you want to move the playhead in write mode?: probably because you want to start the playback at a certain position. So: in Write mode you click on a note to select the starting playback position and just click

-for iPad: on the play button,
-for Mac or PC: the letter P

and Dorico starts the playback from exactly the selected note.

If you select more than one note in one staff, or one or more notes in for example 2 staves and press play Dorico will only play the selected instruments/staves (as a kind of “solo” mode).
You can also activate the option in Preferences/Play/Show playhead when stopped , so that you always see where the playhead is.
So, no switching to Play mode needed, and a “solo” function as bonus :slight_smile:

Clicking a note then starting playback works only sometimes. Sometimes the playhead moves to where you “clicked” (I am using the touchscreen, no mouse) and sometimes it doesn’t.

Are you on iPad?
Make sure Add to Selection Add to Selection button and Extend Selection Extend Selection button icons are not selected.