iPad Pro 2018 Cubasis Clicks and Pops

I’ve just upgraded to an iPad Pro 2018 and I noticed that a simple project which my iPad Pro 9.7 could handle easily shows more CPU usage and give audio clicks and pops. Seems odd because it should be substantially more powerful.

I realise I’m an early adopter here, but has anyone else noticed this?


Hi cleverr1,

Please provide us with more information about the issue:

  • which iPad Pro model do you have in use?
  • does the issue shows up with all three latency settings?

If possible, please provide us with the project, which shows the issues.
Will send you a private message about this.


I don’t think it should matter what iPad models you have.
An iOS app should run on any iPad with the correct iOS version surly especially an iPad Pro.

Hi Cubasis99999,

Full details and reproducible cases are always mandatory for us, in order to find out where problems are related to.


I think I have figured out what is going on with audio on the new iPad Pros. It started when I realized I couldn’t get Ravenscroft piano to play stable even if it was the only AU in a project. I set the sample rate to 48kHz and suddenly Ravenscroft played just fine. Then I noticed Magellan wouldn’t produce audio and kept complaining that another app had set a sample rate other than 44.1kHz, even when my project was set to 44.1kHz. Then I noticed Tera is out of tune when I load it as an AU at 48kHz. Then I found this thread…


It seems the new iPad Pros have adopted the same situation as the iPhones from 7 on where the core audio sample rate is fixed to 48kHz. I wonder if there is even anything Steinberg can do about this.

I can confirm this issue does not occur with an outboard audio interface. In my case, I am using an iConnectivity iConnect Audio 4+.

I have an iPad Pro 2018 11”

The issue may well be due to the fixed project rate because the project was using IAA. Unfortunately I can’t test further right now as I’m stuck with a USB C hub which I can’t select against using for audio. Also SampleTank has shown inconsistent behaviour, sometimes not working at all over IAA on anything other than channel 1.

I’ll run some proper tests over the weekend.

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the updated info.
Are you able to reproduce the issues as well in Cubasis projects where no AU ad/or IAA apps are used?

P.S.: Please check your private message. We would like to have you added to our current beta program, to further evaluate the topic.


I’m having similar problems with au plugins (Tera amongst others) . On Opening the sessions the au plugs make a lot of noise. Reinstantiating the plugins after setting the session sample rate to 48 stops the noise but the au plugs play at the wrong pitch. And quite small sessions seem to max the cpu if there are au plugins on

I’ve ran some more tests. The problem I’m seeing is specific to using the iPad speakers. Using anything USB (even a cheap audio converter) and the issue goes away.

It is most apparent when using IAA. However I found another project that still has the issue after the IAA synth was removed. - I’ve sent that to you Lars, but it is 8Mb so I hope that’s not an issue with e-mail.

Virsyn have released some updates so will see if my issues are fixed

Hi Ian,

Great! Looking forward to hear about your results!


Hi Folks

I too can confirm this issue.
I’m using 2018 11” iPad Pro.
I have tested with Synth One, Zeeon, and even Microsonic,
And I still have the ‘clicks and pops’.
BUT it doesn’t seem to be a Cubasis issue,
because I was able to duplicate these same audio glitches in GarageBand too.
So… it might be cured by the next IOS update.

Sometimes when moving audio parts (copy paste) or moving to get in time, I get a very loud reverb sound like thunder with extra reverb???

What could this be.???
Any answers…

Thank you

Hi Cubasis99999,

Please provide us with the exact steps how to reproduce the issue.
If you have a particular project to reproduce the problem, please share the download link via private message.


This is not reproducible as it is random issue
It seems just when moving or pasting audio tracks.
Like loud clap of thunder with extended reverb.
Very annoying if you have headphones on…

Let’s hope some future updates will solve this…


Hi Cubasis99999,

Thanks for the update.
Unfortunately, reproducible cases are required to allow us addressing issues.

Please keep us updated, if you find a reproducible case.




Please advise, I knew it would have issues…:rage:

Hi Lars I have sent you a link to see Cubasis 2.7 not freezing issue

I had a strange feeling before updating that it would not be resolved.

Thank you




Since 2.6 theses issues have arisen in Cubasis 2.5 no issues at all…
A few crashes but nothing to stop me creating music like this…
I am sure there is a solution… look back at the code for 2.5 that’s when everything was working…

I have to set midi to “MIDI THRU” why??? I did not have to do this in 2.5…
I have to set “MIDI OUTPUTS” to “ALL OUTPUTS” why?? I did not have to do this on 2.5…

It just seems to be one step forward, two steps back.
It really needs to be looked into in more depth to find out a solution.

My iOS is 11.4.1
iPad 10.5 pro 2018

I will uninstall Cubasis for the last time, it has now become unstable to work with.

Thank you