iPad Pro and AU integration

Now that iPad Pro is available and the latest iOS includes AU support, will Steinberg release/update to Cubasis that will truly utilise support for the new hardware (iPad Pro) and software (iOS 9)…?
iPad Pro can now run desktop class apps and current Cubasis is far from it…

AU is the future. It’s far more reliable than IAA which will continue to frustrate people to the point of losing all creativity, since any idea to use specific apps ends up in a session of troubleshooting. By the time you realize certain apps you want to use cause too many issues, all your ideas are gone and you end up not making any music at all. This has been my experience with IAA since I bought an iPad a year ago. Now that AU is proven to be more reliable, there’s hope again. But only when app developers move forward with AU development. Arturia iSEM now works as an AU instrument. Blamsoft released 2 AU effects, Zero Reverb and Zero Chorus, which are great sounding effects. But at the moment, the only DAW that will host AU instruments and effects is MultiTrack Studio, and soon GarageBand will support it. As the weeks go by, more apps will become AU hosts, instruments, and effects. I know there are more than I already mentioned. But the number of apps will increase on a weekly basis. We’ve had this technology available since September. I would’ve thought that a cutting edge DAW like Cubasis would lead the way, and I’m surprised that Steinberg, the inventors of VSTs are not onboard yet.

Hi Rich303,

We hear you and are investigating AU support already, however the lack of documentation available makes it a challenge for our engineers.


Thanks Lars. I really hope you can all do your best to sort that out with Apple.I can’t see why obtaining documentation would be such an issue when other developers are already making apps with this technology.