iPad Pro Audio not working with Cubasis (full version)

I can’t seem to get audio to play through the iPad Pro. I can get audio to play out of the headset input from the Steinberg UR12 just fine though. Not sure if there’s a setting I need to enable in Cubasis, but I’ve tried for a couple of hours and nothing works.

Hi egb001,

Please have a look at the the following tutorial that explains how to setup and use the UR22mkII with Cubasis LE.
While you’ve been equipped with Cubasis and the UR12, steps should be almost similar.


Also, the first time Cubasis is launched your prompted with a system message that Cubasis wants to use your microphone. If you tapped “no”, please make sure to enable the setting right here: Settings -> Scroll down to the Cubasis entry and select it -> Make sure Cubasis has access to the Microphone settings

Please let me know if this information is helpful to solve the issue.


It seems I’ve misread the topic.

If understood correctly, audio in/ouput works fine via UR12 but fails on the iPad Pro itself, correct?

So far I haven’t seen this case with Cubasis or any other app.

Did you double check that the iPad Pro speaker output has not been set to mute?

Also, please give it a try to load the “Smear” demo song to check if it is properly played back over the internal iPad Pro speakers (which should be the case).

Hope that helps.