Ipad pro models

Hello community, has anyone ever used MS on any of the newer ipad devices? Im thinking about purchasing the new ipad pro but i need to know how the music studio app works with it, Thanks

I was salty no one replied until I realized the answer to my post was already in the old MS site. Thanks

Sorry for the late reply!
Music Studio runs fine on the new iPad Pro 3rd gen. (12.9" and 11") models.
The only known issue is that using IAA (Inter-App Audio) instruments or effects can lead to crackling (or the tuning being off), because the new iPad Pro models only support 48kHz internally. The workaround is to connect audio hardware, then the iPad Pro will allow 44.1kHz which is the default mode of Music Studio.

Can you give an example of a cheap piece of @audio hardware@ we could buy to allow the 44.1khz on the iPad Pro, also does this apply to the 2017 model too as i have this and both music studio and Cubasis are installed, i have used some IAA instruments without issue, but the more i use the cracking does become obvious.

We use the Steinberg UR series for testing, I think the UR12 is the least expensive one. It supports many sample rates and Music Studio on an iPad Pro will switch to 44.1kHz when it’s connected.

However, I cannot say for sure that this would resolve the crackling issue that you are experiencing. The crackling may also come from the fact that the iPad’s CPU reaches its limit when too many IAA apps are running simultaneously.

A possible workaround might be to increase the latency (buffer size). Music Studio doesn’t have a buffer size setting, but it uses the buffer size of audio apps that are already running. In fact, iOS lets the first audio app that you launch decide the buffer size, and forces it upon all other audio apps that are launched thereafter. So, what you could try is to check if any of the IAA apps you’re using has such a setting, launch it first, increase the buffer size / latency, then launch Music Studio.


Soon I would like to change my ipad: I have accidentally broken a corner of the screen glass and with a special case I can continue making music but not for long.

I use the iPad almost to compose music and I only use it as an MS2 editor. I have a mini ipad 2 and I don’t have external keyboards or devices. I always use the inter app function with programs such as DRC, KV331, SynthMaster One, synth One, fm player 2, etc … It is all I need.

Please, can you tell me which most current models of iPads can I buy where Music Studio and this function (inter app) work correctly?

The model or size is indifferent to me.

I have read some posts where you comment on the frequency (44.1 kHz or 48 kHz). I wouldn’t want to buy a device that didn’t work for me.

Thank you.

thanks, sorry its taken a year to reply i thought i had replied already