iPad Pro will record Cubasis 2.0 but not 3.3

I have an iPad Pro (2021, 4th version) using a Focusrite 18i20 as the interface. It will record and playback using Cubasis 2.0 but it will not record using Cubasis 3.3. I’ve transferred a couple of tracks from an older iPad with Cubasis 2.2 to the iPad Pro using 3.3 and it will not play those tracks. I’ve rebooted the iPad and reinstalled 3.3. Any ideas?

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Starting Cubasis the very first time, a popup asking your permission to use the microphone appears, which has to be accepted.
If you tapped “no” by accident, please change the setting manually as follws:

  • Please go to the iPad settings
  • There please go to Privacy / Microphone
  • Please make sure to enable Microphone use with Cubasis.

Please let me know if this helps to solve the problem.

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Everything was already turned on, including Privacy/Microphone. Someone else from IK sent me an email with a lot of settings that had to be set, and that got the keyboard running. I still have a lot of issues with it, e.g., I can’t get the volume control to work despite spending a lot of time in the manual, but I’m working on them.

James Fitzgerald

Hi @jazzdude73,

Thanks for the update.

You may also check out our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial, to get familiar with the Cubasis workflow more quickly:

Hope that helps!


Oops - that last reply was meant for IKmultimedia for a problem I was having with an iRig Keyboard. Sorry.

I’lll take a look at the video, but I’ve been using Cubasis 2.0 on an older iPad for many years with no problem, and I’ve had no problems with it on my iPad Pro. It’s just 3.3 that I can’t get to record or playback on.

Hi @jazzdude73,

Please let us have more details about what’s not working when using Cubasis 3.
In addition, what’s your reason not using Cubasis 3.5?


I’m actually using Cubasis 3.3.

Hi @jazzdude73,

Please let me have a detailed report, in order to help you.