iPad Scoring Notes Podcast

Good discussion Daniel! Lots of goodies in there and some pro tips.

Question, mention was made at 14:30 about porting the touch capabilities of iPad Dorico to Windows which is great. With Apple decision to become Big Brother I’m accelerating my abandonment of the platform so am looking at laptops.

My question is that I’m not looking for Surface Pro specific laptops but ones with touch and pen interface, @dspreadbury do you know yet what the Windows port will entail? I’m not familiar with all the Windows touch API’s, but for example will a graphics tablet with say Windows Ink work in this context? Basically do you know of any restrictions for touch on Windows to get this capability?

As an example the Asus Zenbook Pro has both touch and pen interfaces, and as mentioned some people will hook up external tablets. I’d guess this would be compatible but I’d hate to get it or something similar and find to the contrary!

Forty minutes in, unlimited instruments in the next update!

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That’s a really nice computer (really expensive too!).

Having a Surface Pro, I’d like to see a windows specific touch screen version of Dorico as well.

My expectation is that any touch-enabled Windows PC will be fine, but we’ll need to do some testing to make sure.

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