iPad - scroll arrows - move to right hand side (?)

Would it be possible to have a choice of where the 4 scroll arrows appear? As a right handed person it would make using the iPad version easier, and there is space on the bar to have them on the rhs. Perhaps a preference in the View section where one can select galley or page view.

Also, by default, could the floating “edit bar” thingy appear on the rhs too (or selectable in the View section as above?).


Thanks for the suggestion. You can move the edit overlay in Write mode by tapping and holding on the handle at the top, so you can at least position that where you want it. We’ll think about whether it makes sense to have a different arrangement of the buttons on the secondary toolbar.

I know it floats Daniel, but by default it opens on the lhs, which then means dragging over to the rhs so ones (right) hand doesn’t obscure the score. It would be good if by default, it appeared on the rhs to start with.

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