iPad scrolling with trackpad

Scrolling compatibility with trackpad doesn’t seem to be properly setup. I’m using the apple Magic Keyboard with my iPad Pro, latest version of iPad Dorico 1.2.2.

Firstly I can’t scroll at all using the usual gesture -either in write, engrave mode, or in the settings page. Every other app on my iPad is set up to respond to this gesture, so I don’t quite understand why I can’t here. Furthermore, when I go to settings and scroll by dragging the scroll bar (old fashioned I know) - the page jumps all over the place.

I recorded a video which shows the problem in the settings page. https://youtu.be/NPRStcL1bkE

I’m afraid at the moment you cannot scroll with the trackpad in Dorico for iPad. This is the expected behaviour for the time being and is something we plan to implement in future.


Many thanks, Daniel.

Looking forward to this too, I’m doing most of my initial work on the iPad now and the trackpad makes it greatly more ergonomic with a piano and computer keyboard, only thing missing is scrolling gestures.

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