iPad scrolling with trackpad

Scrolling compatibility with trackpad doesn’t seem to be properly setup. I’m using the apple Magic Keyboard with my iPad Pro, latest version of iPad Dorico 1.2.2.

Firstly I can’t scroll at all using the usual gesture -either in write, engrave mode, or in the settings page. Every other app on my iPad is set up to respond to this gesture, so I don’t quite understand why I can’t here. Furthermore, when I go to settings and scroll by dragging the scroll bar (old fashioned I know) - the page jumps all over the place.

I recorded a video which shows the problem in the settings page. Dorico for iPad trackpad scrolling - YouTube

I’m afraid at the moment you cannot scroll with the trackpad in Dorico for iPad. This is the expected behaviour for the time being and is something we plan to implement in future.


Many thanks, Daniel.

Looking forward to this too, I’m doing most of my initial work on the iPad now and the trackpad makes it greatly more ergonomic with a piano and computer keyboard, only thing missing is scrolling gestures.

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It’s been over a year and this feature is still absent… I’ve sent a support ticket to the team but I haven’t gotten a response and it’s been several days. Navigating dorico for ipad is quite frustrating without this feature. The screen shakes and glitches when navigating through touch gestures or even click and drag with mouse. Considering I payed a 120$ lifetime unlock, that feels like frankly unacceptable behavior for an app that pricey…

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Glad you reminded me that nothing has happened for a year. I think the team see this as just cosmetic, but it’s a real shame when everything else about Dorico is so polished.

I can just about understand why they don’t want to implement trackpad scrolling of the page of music, either in write or engrave mode. But to be unable to use the trackpad to navigate the usual way as in the preferences is very frustrating.

It’s also very noticeably against the behaviour of every other app on my iPad, without exception. Having to click on the page, slide on the trackpad and then release is just so clunky. Adding in the page jittering and flickering which Julian has also experienced makes it feel like some crappy Windows shareware from the 90’s.

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The Qt application framework that Dorico is built upon does not currently provide access to the two-finger swipe/drag events that are received by the magic trackpad, which makes it very difficult for us to add support for these gestures. I will ask the team again whether there’s anything else we might do.

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The same here … so many normal keyboard functions are not supported … if you work much on a desktop version you will miss your learned routine with some shortcuts. If i use Dorico on iPad it is like a new Version of a app. I don’t want to lern every time new. I have to work on important thinks … So please go through it ASAP!