iPad sometimes crashes when dragging slurs and 8va lines

One recurring issue I’ve had on iPad are frequent crashes when dragging an existing slur or 8va line to extend it in write mode.

I haven’t seen this mentioned elsewhere, but I’ve experienced it on two different iPads now in multiple files. The program hangs (not every time, but often enough) and then says “an error occurred” after I close the window and reopen. I have to completely close Dorico from the app switcher and then relaunch to get it working again, and usually lose the last minute of work.

I’m using Apple Pencil to drag the slur or 8va if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the report, @BenLP. Is the problem sufficiently reproducible that you could attach a project here with steps that will bring about the crash?

I have experienced the same problem, but only with apple pen. It was the very first time using Dorico for iPad, so I’m guessing almost any project would do?

My ipad is ipad pro 12,9”, third generation

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I’m not sure it’s reliably reproducible (sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t, not always in the same spot) but I’ll try to pay more attention next time it comes up and see if I can figure out if there’s something more specific going on. Like SampoKasurinen, I feel like this might be a Pencil issue though can’t say for sure.

If you get some people to try dragging slurs and 8va lines a few hundred times in different projects, I wouldn’t be surprised if you eventually hit it. I’ve just been doing a solo piano project and a small chamber one without anything complicated or unusual in the documents.

It happened for me on both an older 10.5" iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 1, and on a third generation 12.9" iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2.

I’m using the 12.9 (5th gen) iPad Pro.

Dorico is super stable on it, even using the large modern orchestra template.

I tried producing the crash @BenLP mentioned; I created this score as a test.

2021-08-16 slur drag crash.dorico (622.3 KB)

The notes and slurs are just random. I did manage to make Dorico freeze; I had to close the app down, which lost about the previous 30 seconds of work before it stopped responding.

After Dorico crashed/froze I made this screen recording.

As I tried to change the style of some slurs, most of the screen went solid black.

I did some beta testing for an app about 10 years ago, and I seem to remember I was able to locate crash logs on my iPhone and send them to the developer. If @dspreadbury can let me know if it’s possible to track down the log of the crash that happened to me on my iPad, I’d be very happy to send them in.

p.s. I was using an Apple Pencil

I can sometimes get the error in this file (nothing special about it) by fiddling at random with the slurs (dragging back and forth with Pencil without letting go), though I still can’t do it reliably. It seems to especially happen when dragging one slur over another or nesting them, though not exclusively so.

I also got a screenshot of the freeze. The “OK” button is also frozen and you have to close the whole app.

Slur Test.dorico (507.5 KB)

We know about the problem where the system alert box cannot be dismissed: this is a bug in the Qt framework that Dorico uses, and we’re looking into solutions for that problem. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

For crash logs, you should be able to find them by going to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data, and you’ll find them there.


Thanks for that.

I’ve got the toggle set to Share With App Developers so would any logs be sent to you automatically?

Yes, in theory they will show up for us in a day or two. But if you feel like pulling out any crash logs that you see in the Analytics Data pane of Settings and sharing them with us directly, that would be absolutely fine too, as we can look at them right away.

I have two crash logs from today: the first I think happened when moving a tempo marking, the second while trying to extend a hairpin (both with Apple Pencil).

What’s the best way to send them in? The forum doesn’t seem to support .ips files and they’re too long to cut and paste text.

You should be able to zip them up and then attach the zip file here.

Got it, here you go! Hopefully it shows something useful.

Thanks again, iPad Dorico is wonderful overall.

Archive.zip (59.8 KB)

Thanks for these crash logs. They’re very interesting! I’ve passed them on to my colleague Andrew, who will take a closer look when he gets a chance.

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Using this file, I managed to crash Dorico: 2021-08-20 slur 8ve drag crash.dorico (740.3 KB)

Here’s the crash log: Dorico-2021-08-20-014648.zip (30.6 KB)

I was inputing slurs and 8va lines, changing their properties, and dragging them all over the place with the Apple Pencil. Dorico froze and I had to shut down the app manually. Not all the slurs and 8va lines weren’t saved, so you can’t see everything that happened at the time of the crash.

To be fair to Dorico, I’d normally never put in as many and varied markings as this; just trying to do a Theo Paphitis in Dragon’s Den.