iPad supported and unsupported use cases

Supported: Doing an orchestral sketch with 4 choirs, no problem. And with 12 instruments I can spell out the full strings etc. Add in the portability of the iPad and this is a headline use case for me.

Unsupported: Doing a Zibaldone, which is a notebook for musical notes and nuggets you find in other pieces. Makes use of lots of text with staves. Since it looks like we can’t (yet?) have text frames this didn’t work out. Also I was trying to use @dankreider excellent MusAnalysis font for some roman numeral (which I hope/suspect will be in 4). It’s clumsy to get the font in the iPad, but I think it would work.

You can use Comments, instead of text frames, though.

Can you side-load fonts into Dorico on iPad? I tried the ‘usual’ method of installing a profile, but that didn’t work. (I believe because Qt doesn’t have quite the same access as Apple’s own APIs.)

Needs to be inline, unless you mean the attached text elements and not the commenting feature. I use that too, but find that text boxes are also useful/needed.

Ah! I didn’t get too deep into it once I found text frames aren’t there, but yeah I think the font profile didn’t register in Dorico iPad. So that’s another problem, at least until they get Roman analysis in.