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I was really impressed with the guitar note/chord entry panel. As one who does not play guitar and has spent hours with chord charts trying to enter guitar chords that voice well (to my ears) and are possible to finger (and do not embarrass me when shown in TAB), I would love to see such a feature added to the desktop version somewhere down the road.

Going subscription makes sense, as was explained somewhere Apple doesn’t have a mechanism for paid updates, and 40 - whatever currency isn’t horrific. However it does place it in the ballpark for high end iPad apps which this certainly is, and it also implies that to be worth it the team needs to provide yearly updates that make the subscription worth continuing.

Suggestions for a MIDI keyboard? I don’t want to pay a fortune ideally, but something reasonably portable and comfortable, and deals with switching octaves easily enough.

Any little Bluetooth keyboard will work fine: also my USB Akai works fine with the dongle.

I’m glad it doesn’t need or want the pencil. I use that for drawing but here it just gets in the way, MIDI so much better. I have the scribble reading app for the iPad - StaffPad? Never took to it, it has to be as seamless as using a keyboard or an actual pencil on paper to work. But Dorico now fills the gap, unexpectedly! When I heard it was an iPad app I wasn’t thrilled but this is looking like a winner.

I gave up on iPads years ago as was never able to use them as more than glorified information consuming devices, but with this that might turn around for real creation work.

I agree on the Pencil. I’d love it for annotation (especially in Read mode), but I have used all the handwriting notation apps, and they’re all frustrating and slower than other note entry methods.

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During note entry, this little floater bar for quick touch adjustment of notes (change duration, placement, octave, move up/down) is really great! Interesting fast new way to enter notes, always a little clumsy on desktop, but here it’s pretty quick to just have one note duration, then metrically lengthen with a quick touch.

One thing, can’t change the tempo from the top bar?

You should be able to change the tempo in the same way as on the desktop version: tap the fixed tempo button, then tap the tempo, and use the slider to set the desired fixed tempo value.

Re Tempo, I notice there doesn’t seem to be a Tempo track in Play mode. I hope it is not an omission like in Cubasis, where it doesn’t appear to happen ever.

why the limit on 12 instruments? its a showstopper for me…

Hunh, no manner of tapping that “120” gives me a slider … OH, I see, I have to tap the quarter note to turn it “Off”, then tap the number (120) to get a slider. Confused me, I’d expect just tapping the number would bring up the slider which is what I kept doing.

But tapping the quarter again turns it back to 120, I guess I don’t understand this on either the desktop or iPad

Thats what I thought until I gave it a shot. Sounds like increasing the instruments may well come, but meanwhile 12 lets you do a lot already, such as it gives you a small classical orchestra with enough parts to block out a piece. That can then be transferred to Dorico ready to turn into a full orchestra.

So give it a try, just one month sub maybe, you might find it’s still useful.

When the quarter note is ‘enabled’, Dorico follows the tempo track, which is made up by tempo indications in the score, manual adjustments in play mode etc (or defaults to 120 if no tempo indication is present). When you disable the quarter note, Dorico follows the tempo you’ve set in the slider, ignoring everything else.

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FR: Is there a way either to enable Playback in Read mode (where one can see a full score page at once) or enable a full page view in write mode so that one can hear a file and see the full page even if it has more that the maximum number of staves and cannot be edited?

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Gonna be honest, I was excited about the release and posted it on FB. Here was one of the first comments, from a friend of mine who is a jazz composer/arranger and professor at a very strong university jazz program:

Obviously us jazz composers/arrangers are particularly affected by this as 5/4/4 winds + gtr/pno/bass/drums and a vocalist or soloist takes us to 18 players. If this is primarily a hardware limitation (processor/RAM) then I understand, but if not, expanding to 17 or 18 would really increase marketability.


I think it has to be in Play mode. This is disappointing as I’d love to be able to use it in lieu of my laptop when presenting with a projector in class.

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Considering that I see the iPad version as a composer’s tool, more than an engraver’s one, I would be happy to trade any Engrave feature for more players.



It’s the same with classical. Even working in a virtually condensed mode, we would need 753115. A workaround would be assigning more instruments to the same player, but then exchanging the score with the desktop version would require working in this workaround-mode until completely switching to the desktop version.


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Same here, writing for symphonic wind band. The limit means I can’t start a project on PC and work on it later on the iPad. This limits the iPad app to the very first sketching phase of a piece.

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Anyone remember Dorico for desktop version 1.0….?

Give them 10 minutes. I’m sure we’ll see some improvements in due course.