iPad touch + keyboard

Fantastic work on the new iPad release!

I was hoping I might be able to use some of the same selection methods as the desktop version, i.e. shift+click to extend selection and cmd+click to add to selection but it seems I have to have the dedicated selection buttons active to do so, no matter whether my click comes from the magic keyboard trackpad or my finger. Could this be considered for the next app update?

Edit: I’ve also just tried to option+click to copy selection which also didn’t work, so I assume it must be a general lack of support for key modifiers?

Indeed, support for the modifier keys on iOS is perhaps not quite there yet (certainly at least in the Qt framework we’re using). This is why we have the Add to Selection and Extend Selection buttons on the secondary toolbar, which are the equivalent of Control/Command and Shift respectively. There’s no good analogue for Alt+click, however.

I think there is a difference with pitch-first vs duration-first input here too. With duration-first the note remains selected and the secondary toolbar is active. In this case using the modifier keys works fine for me on my 8th gen iPad with Logitech keyboard. With pitch-first the note does not remain editable after input. This differs from the desktop version so the modifier keys do not work. As a feature request, it would be great if the note could remain editable after input when using pitch-first input as well, as it does in the desktop version.

Is this just a matter of changing the setting for “Specify accidental, rhythm dot and articulation” to “After inputting note”, on the Note Input and Editing page of Preferences?