IPad update serious issues

Daniel no doubt knows but the Qt update on the iPad unfortunately has many issues, to the point where it’s basically unusable at the moment. Too many to list, I was trying to work on something, but an issue everywhere is grabbing focus. Most of the time the pencil works, but not always, often when you get focus on a text entry you cannot then get out of it, even with the pencil.

In Setup mode, if deleting an instrument there’s a z-order problem with the warning dialog in that it’s apparently hidden behind the top window (this has happened before, but is more severe now.) Switching apps and back will bring it up, but then it’s locked and you can’t enter a choice with either pencil or touch.

I’m unable to edit flow names - haven’t gotten this to work at all.

Don’t know, I’m fine with holding off but maybe rolling back to the previous release is warranted if you can’t get fixes out in the next day or so, it’s unfortunately that much of a problem - just a thought.

OK killing the app and restarting this time I was able to get through the sequence and delete the player, so unfortunately intermittent.

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And now I hit Ctrl-Z, it crashed and lost all my edits, which was basically everything I had done. I had been working for some time so they should have saved, but maybe the crash wiped them out. GRrrrrrrrr … I’m back to not trusting the iPad unfortunately, I so much want this to work but the stability just isn’t there yet.

On the plus side having more fonts built in it good.

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Yup, repeatable, Cmd-Shift-Z just crashed, and lost more edits … but later it works. So, random

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