Ipad user: Licence expires and chrashes startup

Licence expires and block / breaks my Cubase startup sometimes.
I have bought the IPAD Version 2 month ago.

To Mod: I created a new thread about this because my Issue isn´t solved by ignoring the message.
I have to use the task manager and close Cubase by force and then try again to startup.

Until there`s a solution for this issue i will have to uninstall SKI remote extension.

I did not activate a trail licence, i never seen a message for it.
I tried do download the IPad version of the updated SKI.
I wasn´t warned that it has a trial licence packed with it.

I use CB 7.5.10 64 ; Win7 64 ; Intel I5 3570 ; Intel Z77 ; Radeon 7770 ; 16GB Ram ; RME UFX


did not uninstall SKI, this time i was able to start Cubase 7.5.10.
But now there is a new message: “your testing licence for Cubase 7 has expired”,
but it didn´t crash.
Restarted several times, but every time this message appears.

i tought… maybe it is related to my OLD Cubase 7 installation.
(Because i updated Cubase 7 to 7.5)

… after that i started my previous Cubase 7 , i got the same message.
But i was able to load it.
Back to Cubase 7.5 and now this message has dissapeared.
And now Cubase iC Pro works as expected.