iPad version of Traktor is _free_ today only on the AppStore

I read about this in the news during my morning coffee and found it to be true. The app normally sells for $19.99.

Yes, I downloaded it even though I’ll probably use it very little. But I did want to see what all the hoopla was about.


Not for Steve :smiley:

Aloha guys, on this topic.

I do lots o’ DJ work here but I divide DJs into two groups.

1-‘Real’ DJ’s that create as well as play music.


2-DJ’s like me that mainly play for
tourist weddings here on Maui.

Over the years I have over acquired more than 26,000 mp3 tracks
but the DJ wedding industry here is rapidly changing.

In the recent past I would e-mail my clients
my entire song list and they would just choose the songs
they wanted.
If a song was not on my list I would just
buy it (iTunes/Amazon) and include that on the invoice.

From their choices I would create several playlists.
Pre-dinner/Dinner/After Dinner/Dance etc and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.


these days rather that a DJ, I now consider myself
just a ‘sound guy’ because 80-90% of my clients
now bring their own music/playlists
via pads/phones/laptops etc.

The last gig I did was five hours long where I just
plugged them in, turned it up and other than
small eq adjustments now and then,
and a few announcements/speeches etc,
I just sat back and listened.

I guess this is one of the advantages of mp3s.

Well, I’m going to compete with Pauly D one day. And I’ll save a fortune in hair gel. :mrgreen:

I used to DJ a bit with Traktor (on a laptop though, I don’t think DJing on a phone is really comfy) and a Reloop hardware controller.
I sold Traktor and bought Cubase instead when I noticed that DJing with software was so easy it wasn’t challenging enough :wink: