iPad version sound for Tam-tam (Chinese gong)

just for fun on the iPad I opened a Dorico file of a large orchestra/choir work from the Requiem op. 34 by Danish composer Asger Hamerik - created within the desktop Version of Dorico. It is a piece with quite a big orchestra, including a Tam-tam (large Chinese gong).
Here a recording of the Tuba mirum - which starts like Felix Mendelssohn’s Wedding March from his incidental music to A Midsummer Night’s Dream - but with a hefty surprise: Requiem, Op. 34: Dies irae - YouTube
When I played my Dorico score (which already played back in the desktop version quite impressively) on the iPad, I had to laugh: I recognised the metronome click (that’s what I thought) - but it seems the iPad version does not know, how to play the Tam-tam and silently replaced it with the metronome click.
The piece did not not seem to be that enormous any more…

No, indeed, I’m afraid the set of sounds included with Dorico for iPad doesn’t extend beyond General MIDI, so tam-tam is a little outside its wheelhouse…