Ipad version — weird rests behaviour

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first of all, thank you so much for the iPad version of Dorico. That really came unexpected. And it really feels like Dorico! Great work. And compared to Sibelius for iPad, guys, you really nailed it. Yes, ok, the note input method in Sib is quite good, but almost all the rest ist rubbish. Back to Dorico: Maybe (someday) the frames in engrave mode will be adjustable :grin::pray::grin:.

Now, here‘s the little bug that just occurred. See image. Why are there whole bar rests popping up in another voice? I haven’t added a second voice or so.

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If you click the eye icon towards the top right corner and turn on Voice Colors you’ll find that there is indeed an extra voice (probably Downstem Voice 1 rather than Upstem Voice 1 or whatever). Your best bet is to move the notes into the correct voice.

Thank you, pianoleo. But I think that‘s not the case.

And now it‘s getting even weirder. When switching to Page View (the extra rests are still there) and back to Galley View — they are gone now. But unfortunately only in Galley View. They are still there in Page View. It seems it really is a bug.

Are the extra Voice 2 (red) whole measure rests from the upper staff rather than the lower staff? They seem to start in the RH part in measure 3.

Was this an XML import?

Hi Derrek,

it was not an XML import. All done inside the app.

The whole note rests are from the lower staff. (But how can there be two same colored voices? That shouldn‘t be happening at all). The same happened yesterday with another piece. Closing and re-opening the app :arrow_right: Rests gone!

I emailed a project to Daniel two days ago; my issue wasn’t the same, but I can confirm that there are instances where one thing appears in write mode and another in engrave (but back when you switch to desktop after having created a file on iPad). All that to say, there does seem to be something slightly off with the rendering engine on iPad which leads to discrepancies.

Are you able to click on the extra rests and delete them or use the remove rests command on them?

I am able to select the rest. When trying to delete it, all content of the bar gets deleted.

Could you email the score to me at r.lanyon@steinberg.de?

Hi Richard,
thank you! I will do so, when the problem occurs again. At the moment — that means after re-starting the app — the rests disappeared magically. But I can still send you this file if you want.
Best regards!

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Thanks Oliver - I can reproduce the bug with your score. I’ll log it for the developers to look at.

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Thank you Richard!

Hi, any update on the bug?

First time using the app. With the Lead Sheet template, I added some notes in measure 1, copy and pasted in measure 2, and the rests appeared.

If it’s the same bug that was discovered by Oliver in this thread, which is specifically concerned with rests and tuplets, then I’m afraid it is not as yet fixed. Can you provide an example of the specific problem you’re seeing so we can verify whether or not it is in fact precisely the same issue? Thanks! And welcome to the forum.

Iam experiencing the same bug on my 2017 (2nd gen) iPad. The unintended rest symbols generally pop up in the 3rd measure of any flow. This all started 7 days ago. Its quite frustrating.

UPDATE: just install iOS 15 an looks like it solved the rest problem!

Welcome to the forum, @Wayjaz. I’m afraid that it’s unlikely that installing iPadOS 15 would have any bearing on this problem, but it is also possible that after closing and reopening your project, those spurious rests might not reappear.


Daniel, okay, So I think I may have found a bug: I noticed when using my bluetooth keyboard for copying & pasting (R shortcut) the unnecessary rest start appearing above! However if I back space deleting the entered notes then re-enter in the same measure, no rest appear. Hope this helps.

I am here while searching for a solution for this issue as well. I can confirm - this issue really exist. I was writing down few simple pieces for piano. I have never seen by the way this problem on a upper line, but each time I was writing some chords in to a lower one, after few bars there appear some whole bar rest. I was able to write a music, but Dorico creates each time a rest as well. It never happened on a 1st or 2nd bar, but on a piece which was 16 bars long, these rests appear approximately in a middle of the piece…First time I thought, I did’t something accidentally, second - as well. Next time I checked voice colors and discovered, that chords and rests have the same voice (color). As I exported this project as .dorico and opened it on my MacBook Pro, I couldn’t reproduce this problem. By the way other reports mention piano voice again, and even all these bugs appear in a lower line. Probably some instrument specific bug?

Same problem here today - v simple piano music, one (monophonic) voice per stave. Whole bare rests appearing on bars 3 and 4 above the notes on the lower stave. Haven’t tried opening the project on desktop. Double checked and no extra voice information.