Ipad warning - "create new" with default settings will overwrite your most recent project

I just spent the better part of the afternoon writing out a score. I was having some issues with it so I decided to create a new project just to see if it was an issue with the project or the app as a whole. From the home screen I clicked “Create New” and just hit “Create Project” with the default settings. WELL, it turns out that the default settings were copied over from my previous project, including the “Name” and “Composer” fields, which means the file name was the same as my previous project, which means I overwrote that project with a new, empty project and just lost the work I spent all day doing.

That really shouldn’t happen, Shawn. We have logic in place such that if a project is going to be saved with the same name as an existing project, the name is made unique at the point of saving automatically so that it goes alongside. I can only imagine that somehow this logic has become dislodged. I’m really, really sorry for the inconvenience and I will look into this problem as soon as possible.