iPadOS 13.2.3 Cubasis CPU meter unstable

Hi there guys.
Ive noticed for a couple of days now that Cubasis cpu meter would max out randomly.
These are the steps.
Create a new track
Add in Audio Units or Built in instruments.
Record some midi.
Even with few tracks, the CPU would be around 25% for example, just let it play for a while and after some minutes the CPU would max out without you adding any new track or effects and Cubasis audio starts to glitch.
You have to close the app, relaunch it, sometimes you don’t see the issue anymore.
iPad Pro 11.

Hi John1289,

Thank you for your message.

Are you able to reproduce the issue, using Cubasis on its own?

If the issue is related to 3rd party instruments or effects apps, please let us know which led to the issue.
That enables us to exchange with the app vendors, to find out where the problems are related to.


Hello there Lars, I just sent you a message…please check your inbox when you can