iPadOS v13.1.2 and Cubasis v2.8.1 Problems

Okay, after some OS fixes, I thought it would be safe to upgrade my iPad.
In general all seemed fine and I did a tutorial in AUM without issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4edVXDLFhnU
Then I was wondering if I could build the same project in my favourite app Cubasis.
But what misery, a project that run great in AUM, gave me crackles, stutters and crashes as a simplified Cubasis project!

Here is what i did;

  • Created 5 midi tracks: Axon2, Noir, Noir, Kauldron, Zeeon,
  • Have midi effect Bassline sequence Kauldron,
  • Have midi effect Cells sequence Zeeon,
  • Noir and Axon2 used the hihat and kick presets,
  • Assign Blackhole as send effect to hihats and Zeeon,
  • Assign Dubstation 2 as insert effect to Zeeon.

Resulting in:

  • Crackle and stutter when choosing Audio Units,
  • Crackle and stutter when adjusting master volume,
  • Crackle and stutter when clicking the instruments button in iFretless, which is used twice in the project,
  • iSem crashes in Cubasis during patch selection,
  • Cubasis looses all AUv3 instruments and effects plus some midi effects, when closing AUM with same AUv3 plugins,
  • Error when loading plug-ins after restart of Cubasis.

Further working on the project seems impossible, I did not apply any equalizers or limiter, nor did I try to record.
Kauldron and Zeeon have also been swapped for more recent updated instruments (see list).
I realize that some apps haven’t had updates for some time. iFretless Bass, Kauldron and iSem might have issues of their own. Though the same project runs fine in AUM. So my conclusion is, there are many issues with Cubasis on my iPad with the new iPadOS.

I hope the developers can reproduce these issues and provide a fix soon.

Specifications (* in brackets, last update since)

  • iPad Pro 9.7 [2016] A1674
  • iPadOS v13.1.2 (1 week)
  • Cubasis v2.8.1 (3 months)
  • Ruismaker Noir v1.0.7 (3 months)
  • Axon 2 v2.0.12 (8 months)
  • Kauldron v1 (2 years)
  • Zeeon v1.52 (1 year)
  • Poison-202 v2.4.5 (6 months)
  • iSem v1.3 (3 years)
  • iFretless Bass v1.4.23 (1 day)
  • Factory v1.0.4 (2 months)
  • Rozeta Bassline v1.2.3 (6 months)
  • Rozeta Cells v1.2.3 (6 months)
  • Blackhole v1.0.18 (2 days)
  • Roughrider 2 v2.0.309 (2 years)
  • Dubstation 2 v2.0.6 (1 year)
  • Limiter v3.0.3 (2 months)

Not an answer to all your problems, but I have heard various people mentioning that iSEM crashes on iOS 13.x.x when selecting presets.
This could be an issue with that app, but hopefully there will be an update for Cubasis soon to help…

Hi MarcelX,

First of, we’re sorry to hear about your issue.
Thank you for your message and report, which I’ve shared with the team to further discuss the issue.

Before getting back to you with further details, could you please try the following, and let me have your feedback about the results:

_Pre- Requisite

  • Please create a snapshot of your product, in preventing issues or breaking your project_

(1) Please go to Setup/Audio and change the Hardware Latency to a lower value
(2) Please unload Dubstation and reload the project*
(3) If the problem persists, please unload Axon 2 and reload the project*

*There might be other Audio Unit instruments/effects involved as well, that may create problems unrelated to Cubasis (tbc).

Please get back to me about your results.
Thank you for your support!


Confirming that iSEM, stand-alone, crashes on iOS 13.1.3, iPad Air 3, when selecting presets.

@Yamahasy85 & musikeer
Thanks for the heads up!
I can confirm the crashing of iSem as stand-alone too, so please leave this app out of the equation.
Did you guys inform Arturia about that bug?
I found iFretless Bass is not behaving well as audio unit instrument, so leave that one out of the equation too.

I tried your suggestions. Here are the results:

  1. I am already on the least demanding hardware latency called “medium” (The other options “low” and “ultra low” makes things worse.)
  2. Reloading the project without Dubstation does not make any difference.
  3. Also reloading the project without Dubstation and Axon 2 does not improve things.

This simple project just crackle and stutters when using the track related controls. See how touching the faders makes the CPU spike!

I did not mention my CPU load in my first post. The CPU load is between 10% - 25% (in play mode without touching anything).
Out of curiosity I pressed the exclamation mark next to the CPU load (!). This resulted in some weird behaviour that is hard to describe, but left me with a mute project and the loop locators somewhere in the 50-ish beat area. Glad the undo button brought back a working project.

I replaced the Bram Bos’s MIDI Effects for a Fuge Machine instance, without improvement. Though leaving out all MIDI Effect gave little better results.

Mentioned in my first post describes how to corrupt Cubasis when closing AUM.
Here are the steps to reproduce it with just Axon 2:

  • Open AUM and set up Axon 2 with empty starting patch,
  • Open Cubasis and set up Axon 2 with empty starting patch, press play,
  • Switch to AUM and choose clear session, (I can hear Cubasis still playing)
  • Switch to Cubasis (the sound stops instantly), check the instrument slot and find it to be empty.

I get the same results using other AUv3 instruments like Poison-202.

Just read through the thread and i think this could also be linked to the issues I’ve been facing with Cubasis while using LayR and BeatHawk.
if I move Cubasis mixer fades or or edit notes the Daw stutterS and LayR starts playing off beat.
Glad someone else is facing this and hope they can give a deep look into the matter and provide a fix

I have ha this stuttering too on the timeline but the audio plays ok…
Everything was fine I had an audio track think it was guitar, Toneboosters various effects running.
Playing ok, then loaded it in a while later and the stutter appeared,
I eventually got the stuttering fixed by freezing the audio track, guitar…

Wether it was the audio, or the effects on that particular track I don’t know…

When this stuttering happens again, might be a good idea to remove some effects one by one till it stops.

To be honest, when I first got Cubasis 4 ish years ago, I had no third party apps for ages,
Never had a problem,
Now with over 75 effects, 30+ synths IAA and AUv3, I get issues, iOS updates don’t help either…!!!
Apps are getting updated too they say, stability issues fixed, but sometimes they are worse than before…
With the latest ios13, if iOS has updated, but IAA/AUv3 have not that could be a problem,
But saying that I am on iOS 12.3 and I get stuttering so, my thoughts are more to do with third party app than Cubasis, but then again, if apps are being updated, there may be stability issues because Cubasis has not been updated…

Will we ever know the real reasons… I don’t think so, it depends which way the wind is blowing…


Regarding the CPU spike,
I get that a lot with certain apps
Pure synth, D1, FM Player, SynthMaster one…to name a few…

Even when I have two or three Audio tracks or frozen tracks I get The cpu spike

Another thing I get is, doing a project
The cpu hits about half way, close project, open a different one, then go back, The cpu is just about moving…???

I just saw there are a couple of Cubasis crash log files since October 16th.
2 x Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
3 x Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGKILL)

Would it help my support request, when I send these to Steinberg?

Hi Marcel,

Thanks for sharing the logs via private message with us.
Did forward the files with our engineering.

Thanks again,