iPhone voice memo duplication

This is sort of an obscure questions, but I’d like to be able to record an audio track that sounds the same as if it had been recorded as a voice memo on my iPhone.

Has anyone figured out what to do in terms of EQ settings, compression, etc. in order to re-create the the particular tonal properties that you get when you record something as a voice memo on an iPhone?

AudioEase Speakerphone has a great iPhone simulation :slight_smile:


AudioEase Speakerphone has a great iPhone simulation

On a smaller budget you could start with any convolution plug with an impulse response from a telephone speaker or similar.
Sure you could find an impulse response freely downloadable for something close.

Alternatively analyse an iphone recording or use an eq match program to get your eq in the ballpark.

Probably you will also need something like a saturation or mild distortion to grit it up a bit.

Of course there’s an easier way to make it sound exactly like the iPhone that you seem to have not considered…record it on the iPhone!
(You can always record it to DAW at the same time so you can line them up afterwards)

Sounds silly but you cant get better than recording it on your iPhone and importing it.

You’ll have to do a a quick conversion in iTunes to mp3 or wav.

Otherwise yea I heard speakerphone is great

Thanks to all of you for all the suggestions. It looks like I can get there one way or another.

I looked at the Speakerphone website, but couldn’t tell whether they had a preset for the iPhone4 voice memo app (as opposed to an iPhone4 telephone call, you know). Do you happen to know whether the voice memo app is a preset, or whether the iPhone 4 mic is one of the mics included in the plug-in?