IPS from the old days

Back years ago there was a great MIDI plugin Interactive Phrase Synthesizer
I have the old C4 and C5 disk how can I get that into C8 and will it work?
as a MIDI device it should I would think



Comes up quite a lot if you do a search…no way to load it in modern Cubase as far as I’m aware.

That’s a bummer. It was a more straight forward “Koan” in the day


It disappeared long before C4, I’m afraid. We discussed this a few years back:
Bring Back The Interactive Phrase Synthesizer
No Interactve Phrase Synthesizer in 7.0?
If you were really determined, you could get an Atari ST with Cubase and hook it up with a MIDI cable into Cubase 8 or, as someone suggested, pull out your manual and study Apache SX.

In the archived section of the steinberg ftp server there are vst classic tools vol 1 &2 if I recall it right, maybe your lucky and IPS is in it?

try: VST Classics Vol. 1 & 2 | Steinberg or VST Classics Vol. 1 & 2 | Steinberg

or ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Download/Legacy_Plugins/PC/

Report back would you?


Nope … IPS was not a VST plugin.

Hi Terry,

the Arpache SX MIDI-Plugin has inherited a bit of the old IPS functionality.
And You could use other plugins to add i.e. a scale transformation in an extra slot.
If you still own a VST32 dongle, You could run a separate Cubase VST and just use the MIDI functionality.
This would need a MIDI loop back device like “loopMIDI”.

Werner Kracht (Steinberg - Creator of the IPS …)

Can this be achieved by using VST System Link?

Yep, I realize this now, my bad!

System Link would need to go out and back in over the hardware (audio i/f) whereas MIDI loopback can all be done in software, so it’s a much simpler solution and one that, in theory, has a better chance of working.