ircam solo instruments

I am doing the one month trial of Dorico 3.
Will it work with the IRCAM solo instruments ?
If yes, how do I set it up ?
I have searched the forum for Ircam and found nothing.

If I recall correctly, the IRCAM solo instruments are libraries for the UVI Workstation. I believe there are other users who successfully use it with Dorico, sure — why shouldn’t it be possible? What problem are you encountering, specifically? I’m sure the community could help.

My problem is - I don’t even know where to start.
Do I need to move any files anywhere ?
What do I need to change in the setup ?
How do I get Dorico to communicate with the IRCAM sounds ?
Are there any expression map files that I need ?

A few comments on how to set it up would be very helpful.


A few questions so we know where you are starting from:

  1. Does Dorico play back your scores with the bundled Halion sounds? If not, you need to get that working first.
  2. Are you on Windows or Mac? What version of the OS? (knowing that is more important on Mac than Windows, after the recent Mac updates).
  3. Are you already using the IRCAM sounds with some other software? (and if so, what software?) or do you need to install the sounds and the player?

Hi Rob

Thanks for your reply.

I am using a PC with Windows 10.
I have been using Sibelius 6.2 for several years.

A few days ago I downloaded the Dorico 3 trial

So far I have used Dorico with the supplied Halion sounds.

I have managed to use Dorico with VSL SE using a VSL expression map.

I now want to try Dorico with the IRCAM solo instruments which are already installed on the PC.
I have previously used the IRCAM sounds with Sibelius by setting up a different staff for each instrumental sound.

Basically I want to know how to get IRCAM solo sounds played back bu Dorico.


You need to whitelist the IRCAM solo instrument VST plug-ins, following this procedure.


The document you point to gives instructions for Dorico 1 and 2.
Are they the same for version 3 ?

I entered ‘UVIWorkstationVST’ in the whitelist but it still does not show up in Play.
The file ‘UVIWorkstationVST.dll’ is in one of the search directories.

What can i try next ?

That sounds like the 32-bit DLL instead of the 64-bit. On my system the 64-bit DLL for UVI is UVIWorkstationVSTx64.dll

Dorico can only use the 64-bit DLL.

I don’t know whether this helps, but over in Cubase a user found that the problem was that they had installed the 32-bit version, not the 64-bit version.


Yes, thanks to everyone who has helped. The problem was indeed created by the wrong version of the dll
I am now getting it to play some of the ircam sounds

Best regards