iRig keys still causes Cubase to freeze on startup

it’s a very old issue. Just wondering if anybody knows why this always happens. The solution of unplugging / replugging the iRig to unfreeze Cbase is better than nothing, but why does it always happen in the first place?

Cubase 12.0.30
Dell XPS 9700 WIN 11 22H2 Intel NVIDIA RME Babyface


Install the latest Cubase 12.0.60, please. I would also recommend to install the latest iRig Keys driver.

Hi Martin,
The iKeys doesn’t have drivers. This problem has existed for many years.

Is a fix for the iRig listed in the 0.60 update?


I’m not aware of the fix specifically for this. But we probably don’t know the exact reason of this issue, right? So any other fix might fix also this.

In any case, lots of fixes has been made in Cubase 12.0.40, 12.0.50 and 12.0.60. It’s worth to install it.

I upgraded to 0.52 recently, but downgraded back to 0.30 due to new bugs. I’ll try 0.60 at some point, but I doubt there’s a fix if not stated in the release notes. I’m waiting to hear back from IK as well. Thanks for your help.