IRQ sharing still an issue in 2011?

I just bought this new PC:

M/B ASUS P7H55-M/USB3 (H55 chipset)
CPU I3 550 3.2 GHZ
CPU-Integrated Intel HD graphics

the M/B has just 1 PCI slot fitted with my old Gina 24 PCI sound card.
I’m going to multi-boot the PC with WinXP pro 32 bit SP3, and Win 7.
After installing Win XP, I’ve checked the assigned IRQs, and found that the sound card and the integrated graphics, as well as several other devices, are all on IRQ 16.
I can’t find a way to manage IRQ in BIOS, and having just 1 PCI slot I can’t swap the sound card to a different slot.
Am I looking for trouble with interrupts conflicts? Is IRQ sharing still an issue in 2011?
Do I really need to disable the integrated graphics and buy a dedicated video card (I’d prefer not)?

Many thanks!!


If the mobo is designed properly you will have no issues. Don´t know about this one of course.