Irregular and additive Time Sig at same time for 2 players

Hi there, I looked in the manual and couldn’t find an answer. Im writing a piece in 11/8 and one part is written as 3+3+3+2/8 is there a way that another player at the same time can just use 11/8? or even a different additive one like 5+6/8? Its the same time signature, Im not trying to write 2 actual diff time sigs. I want the beams to reflect the phrasing. Thank you!

The key is to use (at least) one custom version of the time signature added to a staff by confirming the setup with ALT+RETURN (or OPT+RETURN on Mac).
multiMeters.dorico (515.7 KB)

Aha, Thank you!

I just added a sample to my former post.

(it’s Alt/Opt-Return to confirm popovers and input notations on only the selected staff/into the selected voice)

[3+3+3+2]/8 to show 11/8 but beam 3+3+3+2 and confirm with alt/option for only one staff.


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Ouch! Right (too much Thanksgiving turkey yesterday: the tryptophan is still clouding my judgement).
I’ll edit my post.

I like this even better, Thank you!