Irregular (noisy) lines

Hi everyone,

I am wondering how to create irregular lines suggesting various noisy gestures or dynamic for improvisation. Something like in the picture bellow, which is the best I got to so far using the available symbols:

In other words I am trying to create something like the irregular built-in shapes:


except I would like to be precise with where the line stops. Being able to work with round or sharp shapes could be beneficial too.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Best regards,


Dorico is not at all suited to contemporary graphical scores. At the risk of being condemned as a forum heretic, you can achieve this easily in Lilypond, with postscript paths, import of graphics and other markup commands. That may or may not be helpful!

I look forward to Dorico potentially having good drawing tools in the future.

An ugly but possible solution is to create in Dorico, export as PDF, and add twiddly bits with Inkscape. Some people here do that I know.

Check out lines with repeatable objects.


Trouble is, they are periodic waveforms, and not noisy noise at all.

You got a point there Andro, but you could combine several objects and make your own line. Or import an SVG into the lines editor.


Thanks a lot for your feedback @Andro and @jesele.

I found the lines with repeatable objects tend to work fine to convey a sense of irregularity as long as one doesn’t mind their periodicity as @Andro points out and the fact that they are often rather too long for them to be precisely aligned (which probably wouldn’t be an issue in a situation suggested by Jesper when they span several bars).

The only option is to create a line of several shorter segments. They really should be able to end anywhere, without drawing the whole segment.