Irregular tick

When recording MIDI with a tick, and the Timing between flows is set to 0.0 seconds … on the last measure of the former flow, two sets of ticks are heard, one at the former tempo and one at the tempo of the following flow. Obviously there is a workaround to set the timing between flows to a non zero value or add some bars for padding during the recording process.
The same is true when recording in the following Flow. Two sets of ticks are heard in the count-in bar of the prior flow that precedes recording.

Thanks for reporting this. I have made a note of it. We’re unlikely to leap into action to address this in the immediate future as it is part of a wider issue concerning how the overall project timeline for multiple flows works (which is tied up with how synchronization of attached video soundtracks works), but we’ll consider this scenario when we come to review this area.

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