"Irresolution Blues"

Hiya Dave. There’s a click or something at 1:30, check that out. Could just be you and the geetar hitting at the same time though. I’m still conscious of the verb too, somewhere in the low to mids I think.
Overall, still sounds great :sunglasses:

Thanks Jet. I’ll listen hard to the vox eq again. Funny you mention 5k: I always boost there to add some bite but always end up backing off due to fear of sibilance.

Phil, thanks for pointing out that click – I’ll give it a damn’ good listen. I’ve a job set aside to forensically listen to all the recordings for this CD before I finish up to clean out any howlers like clicks (I’m aware there a few thinks that need attention.) I’ll check the reverb again, of course – I could eq the reverb on the low-mids. (God, I hate low mids – I think it’s a perennial problem for us guys that record a lot acoustically unless the recording space is really properly acoustically treated.)

Cheers again, folks. It could well be that with your comments as a guide what I end up with this songs could end up a paradigm for the rest of the CD. :wink:

Voted! :wink:

Family. Was there for a wedding (wife’s cousin)

Yep, left just as a fight was breaking out…(between the Bridesmaids! :laughing: )

Had a few more listens, and still like it! :smiley:
Agree with the vox/reverb comments, just a tiny bit of tweeking required

(Out of interest, notch out 212Hz, -4db, Q5 (ish) on the vocals…make much difference?)


Thanks, Sav! :sunglasses:

(Out of interest, notch out 212Hz, -4db, Q5 (ish) on the vocals…make much difference?)

Ooh, gonna try that! If I notch vox it’s usually around 1k to remove honk-honk (my un-EQd singing is a bit like a 1960 Morris Minor horn). :stuck_out_tongue:

So…going by this…


…you do a lot of EQ tweeks and pitch correction then?? :laughing: :wink: