Irritating behaviour when creating tuplet on rest in open meter

Came across this while working on a piece in open meter: In the attached file, when creating a triplet on the first marked eight note rest in insert mode, two of the following notes will be merged into a chord.

When creating a triplet on the second marked eight note rest, a quarter note triplet will be created instead of an eight note triplet.

Can anyone make sense of this behaviour?

Regards (499 KB)

I really don’t understand what you’re trying to do… What do you want it to look like?
I think maybe you misunderstand how triplets are input, and possibly insert mode as well.
Can you write out by hand the result you want, and upload a photo?

Try doing it in Input mode, i.e. invoke the carat.
You can force an 8th triplet by using 3:2e in the popover.

That would be 3e:2e to be really sure :wink:

Thanks for the replies.

The first attached screenshot shows what I expected to see when inserting a triplet in the first bar of the file as described. The second screenshot shows the actual result: as you can see, the second Db is not pulled into the triplet but is instead put into one chord with the following C#.

As for the second example in the file, normally, the selected note value will be the base value for the triplet. In this case, a quarter note triplet appears although I created the triplet from an eight note rest selection (I know I can force any note value in the popover, but here an eight note triplet should be the default cf.

These two behaviours I do not understand.

Sorry not to have responded to this sooner. I can confirm this is a bug, which is on our backlog to be fixed in a future version, though I cannot say for sure when it will be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.