Irritating "Track Arm" behaviour when using Score

If I click on a note in Score, the associated midi track immediately becomes “armed” (that is, the red “record” icon is switched on). Is there a way that this behaviour can be switched off, so that selecting or modifying notes in Score does not affect the “record” status ? Looked through Preferences but couldn’t find anything obvious.

Thanks for any help.


Hi GrahaminChezzy,

you can disable “Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track” in “Preferences -> Editing -> Project & MixConsole”.


Hi Luis,
Thanks for the reply. I found the preference you indicated, and tried switching it on and off (and "apply"ing it) several times, but the behaviour remained the same. I’m wondering if this means that my Preferences will have to be trashed, and then start over. What do you think ? Have you yourself checked that this flag is working properly ?

Thanks for all advice.


In the absence of further replies, I decided to try and make some progress. I renamed default.xml (to default.oldxml) and restarted Cubase. This had no impact whatsoever on the described behaviour. So I re-instated default.xml.

Next, I used the CTL-SHIFT-ALT key combination to open Cubase in Safe Start Mode. I took the option to “Disable Program Preferences”.

The behaviour described in my first post is still being exhibited.

Have I discovered a BUG ? I would be grateful if someone else could confirm what I’m seeing. I’m using full 7.5 latest release on Windows 7 64.


This happens also with the Key Editor in Nuendo. Highly annoying,. I didn’t mention it, because Nuendo is behind Cubase in updates, so I assumed that it would have been fixed by now.


Thanks for the extra info, DG.

Can anybody else confirm this bug ?


While this is not a bug, it is a feature request people have made.

That said, can you describe how this gets in the way?

Hmmm. That seems like semantics to me, particularly seeing that Luis didn’t even know about it, and assumed user error. However, I would have thought that a track that automatically record enables itself, even though you have explicitly told i not to was not the intended behaviour.

Sure. If I want to record on a MIDI track whilst another key Editor is open, it will record on both, unless I change the MIDI input for both tracks. But then I have to change it back again afterwards, in case I want to record again. Not a showstopper (like some other bugs) but annoying nonetheless.


It is semantics! :wink: A bug is something that’s broken because it’s not working as designed, a feature is something that’s broken because it’s working as designed! :wink:

Joking aside, have you noticed the pref, Prefs>Record-MIDI>Solo Record in MIDI Editors? (This doesn’t help in the Score editor situation though… There, the active track is always record enabled when the Score Editor is frontmost)

Yes, that makes things even worse.

It’s pretty simple really. I want to open the Key Editor, but I don’t want the track record enabled, because I’m actually recording on a different track. I’ve even tried locking the offending track, but then of course I can’t open the Key Editor. Stalemate. :frowning:


IT is strange that this is happening to both of you :confused:. As Steve says, even when the MIDI Editor window(s) are open, so long as it is the Project window that has focus (i.e. “frontmost”), it will be the selected Track that will be record-enabled, and will switch to the track that is open in the Editor when you give that window focus. (this is essential, so that you can edit your MIDI data from your incoming MIDI keyboard :wink: )

Hang on a second… how do you get the project window to have focus when the Key Editor is open? If I click the project window, the Key Editor disappears. What am I doing wrong?


The only thing you are doing wrong is not having enough screen real estate :wink:. If the project window and the Editor window are occupying the same space on screen, then, obviously, the one that has focus will cover the other one. Up to you, therefore, to organize those windows (i.e. reduce their sizes) to accomodate both (you can save it as a Workspace :wink: ).
But if your workflow really needs this, you should seriously consider getting a 2nd monitor :wink:.

How can the project window not occupy the same space, when the project window fills the monitor? Are you saying that I should be working with half a monitor? Imagine that on a laptop. Sorry, that’s no solution.

I already have a 2nd monitor. That’s for the mixer and the film. You mean get a 3rd monitor. Nope, that’s not going to happen.



this is not a bug, but by design. As soon as you open the Key Editor or the Score Editor the focus will be given to that track, so that you can record on the part you’ve opened. Opening a MIDI part in an editor while trying to record on a different track doesn’t really make much sense, does it?


(Ooh, red flags going up all over the place! :wink: )…
The first case I can think of, is with the Score Editor… reading the score of, say, the melody line, while adding an overdub to it on a different track.
Yes, one could print out the Score first, but of course the printed score won’t have a realtime Play Cursor, showing you where you are supposed to be in the song :wink:.
And following a MIDI Part in the Key Editor can be just as useful (especially, “rhythmically”). But, in all fairness, the In-Place Editor serves that job nicely :wink:.

So, are you saying the preference you pointed to here
can never apply when working in the Key or Score Editor…? i.e. if already off, it will always be over-ridden, when adjusting in an editor…? Because focus is given to the track…? I’m a little confused now… :wink:

The original point of the thread as I read it, was, is there a preference or setting for turning off ‘Auto Rec Arm (on Selected Track)’, when editing/working on notes in the Score Editor…?

Perhaps you could check the design spec of that preference you noted for him please…?

Either this is a bug or becomes a Feature Request (how did earlier editions of Cubase behave for example…?)

To clarify- Luis was mistaken about what that pref does (though he is not permitted to make mistakes, and will be dealt with severely I am sure! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: ) - this pref only applies to track selections in the Project and Mix console, which is why it’s in the section “Preferences -> Editing -> Project & MixConsole”. :wink:

As far back as I can remember Cubase has behaved like this.

The point is, I think, some users would like to be able to turn off the behavior, so yes, this would be a feature request.


thanks Steve for pointing out my mistake :wink:

Probably on my first post I didn’t quite understand what the OP was referring to or I just read over it. After noticing that this thread was still going on and on and the very popular word “bug” was being used excessively I decided to take a closer look at this and my last post is what I found out.

If you don’t like this behavior, which again is not a bug but it is designed to work this way, feel free to start a new Feature Request thread. I will of course pass it over to the corresponding department and they will see if it would be useful and worthwhile to have such a preference or not :slight_smile:



True, but for that to be of any use, one would have to drag the requisite track to a place next to the track one intended to record on, which is a PITA.