IRV keeps resetting midi channes

I cannot get IRV to work at all. As a test, I created a piano staff with a single melody on treble and bass clefs. I go into play mode and set staff (a) upstem voice 1 to a virtual midi port 1 channel 1. When I try to set staff (b) downstem voice 1 to virtual midi port 1 channel 2, staff (a) upstem voice 1 is set to channel 2 as well. The same thing happened when I created a new player and tried to set its voices to other midi channels. The channels for the first player are reset to the channel I selected for the second.

Can you post a small sample Dorico file that demonstrates the problem?

In the Small Hours, A Vile Deed is Discovered - Flow 2.dorico (722.2 KB)
done. thnks

I do not know whether LoopBe was part of your difficulty. Since I do not use LoopBe, I reassigned the sounds to HALion (and at first had the same problem you did). For some reason Dorico would not assign sounds to unassigned players so I had to do it manually.

I used Piano 2 for testing and in fact “changed” all the instruments to Piano, just to make sure Dorico would recognize them.

I assigned different sounds to the different channels for easier verification. When I entered dynamics as a further check, I found that even though I had IRV activated and different sounds, Dorico applied the dynamics to the entire instrument no matter the different staves or voices.

I found that using ALT+Enter to confirm each dynamic did allow me to have independent control of the voices.

I do not know how this will work for you once you try it again in LoopBe, but I hope one or two of these adjustments will be helpful.

In the Small Hours,altered.dorico (2.7 MB)

Thanks, I will look at this.

Well, your version works fine. I even changed the VST instrument to LoopBe and got everything working correctly. Interestingly, when I went back to my original score, I noticed that, while I can achieve correct playback, the display of the midi channels in play mode do not always reflect the actual channels on which the data is being sent out. I suspect that this is a presentation layer issue in Dorico. Frustrating, but I guess I can deal with it. If anyone else has any input, I’d be greatly appreciative.