IRV & multi-instrument players

I’m just setting up a new project template. I’ve got woodwind players with routine doubling (piccolo/flute etc.) and they seem to have routed fine.

I also have two percussionists each with several instruments. Here, I’ve encountered a strange problem. With Player 2 I can assign separate channels without an issue. Player 1, though: Marimba , crotales, crash cymbal 1/2, tamtam, tambourine, snare drum – cymbal 2 goes to MIDI channel 4 and the subsequent instruments increment as they should. But if I change the crotales to MIDI 2, the marimba and cymbal 1 change as well. I notice that the marimba, crotales and vibraphone (player 2) have the option to switch on IRV while the others do not.

Any insights/solutions?

seems to have resolved itself…