Is 14ms latency considered normal for Focusrite ASIO ?

Hi !

I have a i2i first gen scarlet , so it gives me 14.5ms latency in Cubase 9.5
is that normal ? I don’t feel much delay when pushing key on axiom but anyway maybe you have an experience to make it even less

I’m I right if I say letancy depends on hardware ?
is asio4all recommended for me ?

Thank you !

That would depend on buffer size, but it is within normal figures with high buffers.

Latency depends on a lot of things

Not if your focusrite driver does the job.

14ms at what buffer setting?
Hardware or its configuration may have some effect on latency. So does the DAW’s implementation and even the OS.

The drivers are probably most important, however. You could try ASIO4ALL and it might even report a lower latency than the Focusrite ones I assume you’re using at the moment but I’d be very surprised if it does really perform better than the ones writtten specifically for your interface.

If you’re happy with the current performance then that’s the most important thing I would have thought.