Is 2 Nuage Fader Packs on one screen possible?

I don’t like having my displays blocking my monitors. So, I’ve been considering getting a 65 inch wall mounted screen (now behind the monitors) to address that issue. While that’ll work great for Nuendo, I’m wondering if I’ll be able to have split screen access to 2 Nuage fader packs with the project screen still in the center on one large screen. Is this possible?

I doubt it.
But you will still have to dela with a gap between the two faderpacks.
Your Nuage faders will never line up with the generated mixer screens.
That being said, there might be video cards that can merge two screens into one output.


Well, if the screen is on the wall, I wouldn’t be concerned about them lining up. I just wanted to know if they’ll both show up or if it would only be one at a time or, even worse, only the first one.

Some displays have several inputs and provide a Picture-by-Picture (PBP) functionality so you could feed such a display from 2 different video outputs from your computer and voilà…

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That is a cool idea! Would I be able to show both screens simultaneously or would be an either/or situation?

Simultaneous as soon as multiple video outputs from your computer GPU feeding the PBP screen. It’s just like having several screens except that it’s only one screen in PBP mode.

Wouldn’t this cause some issues with screen real estate? I mean in the sense that to have two video outputs side by side would mean each of them having only 1/4 the size of the real screen. Either that or you will have to juggle around with screen resolutions that won’t necessarily work.

Depends on the screen, its form factor and the other usages you contemplate for it.

If you go for a regular for factor (typically 16/9) for your screen, each of the video outputs would indeed only use 1/4 of the screen but you have more real estate for other applications if need be.
If you go ultrawide (e.g. 49" or 57" i.e. respectively equivalent to 2x 27" or 2x 32" side by side) it’s optimized for a PBP application but maybe less ideal for other applications where you could lack vertical real estate.

I was just thinking about using a Samsung 65" TV as the one large display. Can I get a FP-1/Proj. Windowo/FP-2 view on that one screen using that monitor?