Is 6.5 32 & 64 bit working properly now?

Hi there,

After wading through a sea of problems & solutions can anyone just tell me please if 6.5 is all working ok now for both 32 & 64bit versions?

I want to update but don’t want any hassle. :confused:

Thanks for your time & help.

Kind regards,

Codsworth :smiley:


In general, Cubase 6.5 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) works fine in Windows 7. It depends on your installation and your HW system if does it work fine.

We are doing great over here! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replys.

Appreciate it :smiley:

i built a new system, just for cubase 6.5, installed the 64-bit version. no problem all but 2 of my VST’s didnt work properly.
just now, i installed the 32-bit version alongside it, and it works a charm. i lost some vst’s during installation which was a bit odd, but re-installed them fine.

I have the 64-bit version in case i decide to use all of my 24GB of ram, but for now the 32-bit version means i get to use padshop, dark planet, Halion sonic SE alongside all my old plugins.

hope that helps you guys in some way.

Is there a particular problem you’re having with which we can help?


It’s ok thanks Carey, i’ve updated now.

I just wanted to know if there were many problems with the update before I jumped in!

cheers, Cods :smiley:

I see, you were just dipping your toe in the water to check the temperature.

Welcome to 6.5, i hope you enjoy your stay!