Is 6.5 64bit not compatible with windows 10 pro?


I would to know if Cubase 6.5 is not compatible with Windows 10 Pro?

I get 2 issues right now.

  1. Panaroma P4 doesn’t go into Mixer/Cubase mode while Cubase starts. Only after a restart of Panarom P4 and after that lainching cubase, Panaroma goes into Mixer/cubase mode.

  2. Korg Legacy collection, only LegacyCell.dll is not loading or showing in cubase, but other Korg legacy collection plugins are shown such as M1, Mono Poly, MS20, Wavestation, etc.

While Nektar is working to find the reason for Panaroma’s behaviour, Korg just told it is due to cubase 6.5 not compatible with windows according their guess.

While Korg plugins were behaving strange every now and then, Panaroma behaved like this only after Windows 10 upgrade.

I need some help here. I kindly request the same.