Is 7.5.20 A Cummulative Install?

Hey Buds,

I may finally be ready to brave the waters and update my version of Q7.5.0.

I never got around to 7.5.10, but I’m tempted to go for 7.5.20, even amongst some of the install problems I’ve been reading here.

So my question is:

Do I need 7.5.10 first, or just jump straight to 7.5.20?

Any other advice and/or suggestions would also be welcome.

Thanks Buds,


Straight 7.52.

Any well-designed update will tell you if you try to apply it to an inappropriate existing version.

True enough - I should know that by now. :confused:

Let me ask this other question, if I may: Does it matter if my Windows 7 is still on Service Pack 1?

I’ve always wondered if the DAW designers & programmers always keep up with OS updates & suggest we do the same.

I haven’t been doing so, but I wonder if it really matters all that much.

Any thoughts on this?