Is 8.1.10 released?

Is 8.1.10 released? As far as I know its still beta. There would be a announcement?


They announced it on the website…

(this reply split off from the original topic)

Ah thanks. I found it now.


Great. Could you please note I split this from the other thread because your question was off topic? It’s really better to start a new thread in a case like this, and won’t slow down your getting an answer.

If we want to be precise… :wink:
Romantique Tp asked in his DOP thread:

Nuendo 8.1.10 was released a few days ago with a ton of DOP fixes…
I’m curious to hear how well DOP is working for everyone now. …

and I ask back:

Is 8.1.10 released? … There would be a announcement?

I would not call that Off Topic. How can I answer Romantique Tps question without being sure we are speaking about the same Nuendo version. I had reason to doubt as 8.1.10 had not been announced not in this forum not in Nuendos Hub.



Narrowly speaking, it wasn’t about DOP… so I’m just keeping the thread on topic. :slight_smile:

Fine with me… :slight_smile:

Nuendo 8.1.1 found a very important problem, 1: MOV video files can be read before, and now there will be some read can not appear: 2: When playing the sound will appear not smooth, take up CPU resources than nuendo8.1 Taller.