Is Airstash compatible with Cubasis

I am still trying to work a connection for importing audio into my Cubasis. Is Cubasis able to import audio from the Airstash usb device. That would allow a file from Zoom H4n to be imported via a usb card. I notice that Cubasis ‘Import’ only suggests the Audiopaste app. It is just so hard to get Cubasis connected.
There is no help in the manual, and a web search always replaced Cubasis with Cubase. I do have a ur44 so I can import analogue but not digital.

Edit: I have found a PDF Cubasis Manual on the internet which will be helpful, but there is no mention of Airstash on the compatible list.

I must say I am surprised that there no response to my Airstash question. Perhaps I am the only one who asks connection questions! I have found a satisfactory way to up load H4n wav files into Cubasis using the WiFi connection. This is good as I can get digital audio into Cubasis. But it does mean double handling the file but being digital the corruption will be minimal.
Sometimes I think that among the experts there should be a couple of ordinary folk who can ease the complexity of information and steps. Such as the “iPod import” - I don’t have an iPod so will it import from an iPhone or does it mean something else. iPod is not a good term as iPods are being phased out like cassettes.

I do realize that Apple for many reasons makes it difficult.

Cubasis allows to import audio from your iTunes music library or using iTunes filesharing, use AudioPaste or set up a Wi-Fi server in Cubasis. Furthermore we support to export to Cubase, Dropbox, SoundCloud, AudioCopy & email . All available options are described in the MediaBay section of the in-app help.

Please get in touch with Airstash about the best possible way to use their device with iOS and iOS apps.
They should know the answer…



Thank you, all good information. I found the help section. Cubasis is a great program.

Thank you, we’re glad to hear that … :slight_smile: