Is an x.5 version an update or new version? [SOLVED]

Hi. I’m currently running Cubase7, and I see that there’s a 7.5 version in the downloads section. Am I eligible for that (free update), or is that a ‘new version’, paid upgrade?

Are there updates beyond the 7.0 version? (ex. 7.3) I can’t tell, as there’s seemingly no Check For Updates button/menu item in Cubase.

It’s a been a long while since I fired up the music studio, so I wanted to see if there was anything to update in my v7 installation.

It was not a free update. If you can run it, depends on the license you have on your USB key.

Yes there are. The last one can be found on the Steinberg download page.

Thanks for the reply, svennilenni. Much appreciated!

Ya, I have a 7.0.7 updater file, but wasn’t sure if there was anything more recent since. I’m not sure I can even have access, since they appear to stop support at 7.5 users. I’m not sure…