Is any of the different relative modes higher than 7-bit resolution?


I’m trying to figure out if there’s a difference between the relative modes in the MIDI remote, in terms of the resolution that we will experience in Cubendo:

  • Relative Signed Bit.
  • Relative Binary Offset.
  • Relative Twos Complement.

Right now I’m using relative signed bit. With the lowest possible change (value 1 to increase, value 65 to decrease), I still don’t get as “high-resolution” as when I’m using the fader on my Icon Platform which sends 14-bit pitchbend.
Does Cubendo just conceive all the relative modes as 7-bit?

Here’s the manual for reference:

Thanks in advance

You’re pretty much correct in your assumption. There is no benefit in resolution from using relative encoders in Cubase’s MIDI Remote. Cubase does not expose any multiplier for scaling when using any of the relative modes.
See this topic:

Ah damn, should have searched the forum better, thanks a lot for linking me this. It had all the information I was searching!

I might look in to if I can make a conversion doing relative Pitch Bend then :slight_smile:

If you’re not afraid some programming, you can somewhat overcome this limitation by using the JavaScript API. Unfortunately it opens up another can of worms if you require feedback to your encoders (LED ring or other value read-out). But that’s another topic! :slight_smile:

Nice. Yeah I actually don’t mind not having the rings correct for now (I have the plugin values/names on a screen). I might try something similar out as described by skijumptoes.

I was also just checking, I was able to get 14bit CC to work, but it only reacts as an absolute mode. Too bad, cause that could have been a solution too.