Is anybody here from the good old days? (yrs2000-2005)

I used to be on this forum everyday back in 2000, I blogged my first DAW build around 2002-3ish here, then I was on here maybe 5-10 times a month in 2004-5.
If I remember at one point I think they built an entire new forum and everybody had to re register or something- anyway it would be cool to know who is on here from the old days- I saw Hippo in a thread- I’m guessing it’s the same one from 2000- then there was Mike (Can’t remember his last name) and he was one of the most professional/accomplished/respected people on here. Im trying to remember others- Sparkplug, Tomcat, Srgnt Rock and many more I forgot - Ill have to check the members list.

It would be awesome to see how many of the “good old dayers” went on to write published music(some already had back then), or founded well established studios etc etc

Let this thread be the Cubase Forum class of 2000-2005 reunion - unless there is one already (and do you have the link?)- feel free to bring people up to date.
My music was on myspace- so I dont know what happened to it so Im going to choose a cloud host or something- one that is free and trustworthy- any suggestions? Thanks!


As a general rule that applies to virtually anything on the internet: if it’s free, it can’t be trustworthy… :wink:

Easy example; gmail is free, but Google will scan every email you send and receive and then sell your address to companies they believe they can sell you something. Not exactly “trustworthy” in my book…

Suggestion: Soundcloud. Unfortunately, it’s only free for limited uploads. Basically you get a free demo.

Thnx Scab Pickens and Indigo. I have seen others using Soundcloud to share music on facebook, it looked pretty good, will check it out.

Things got a little ugly around here for awhile. There were a few members banned which I did not agree with. I think since that time people have been a little apprehensive to “let loose”.

For what it’s worth …

I was a long time reader of the old forums, but only made one post shortly before the new forums started. If it wasn’t for the knowledge shared by so many kind folks on, I would have never successfully built the DAW computer I am still using today and would not have had a clue where to begin with my Cubase experience.

To those who have put in the hard work from the beginning and are willing to share their knowledge, THANK YOU!


Aloha C,

Yes I was there but ‘back-n-da day’ there was a
‘scary, cross the tracks’, Mac side of town. :slight_smile:

Now days, we all live on the same street.
Guess ‘It takes a village’ after all.

I remember that haha- Im glad its all together now- a bigger pool of knowledge to draw from for all things digital audio

I were there (in the Nuendo section for the most part), since N1.6 and SX1 times.
After the Forum re-register thing about 4 years ago, I didn’t care to join again before the last winter.

The Nuendo side is much smaller than I remember from the old forum (fewer active members). What happened? :confused:
The Cubase side is more or less the same as always (noisy, bashing and banning). What didn’t happen? :slight_smile:

I used to go by the handle “prism” back in the day. Sadly, lots of former, highly-active members have left the forum here.

That Mike would be Mike Elliot (RIP)…him and Paul Woodlock were among the 1st to respond to my posts about questions comparing a pre-purchase of Cakewalk vs Cubase.

Yeah, then there was Azlebrax …gawd I miss that old coot of a sore thumb :laughing:

Tammo and his fight for life (RIP).

There was/is various shades of Bill that stick around like a bad rash…“Hi Bill” :mrgreen:

Then there was the ‘Falsetto’ guy from Petaluma CA :laughing:

Last but not least, the various antics & lenths of KOCK who was the baby born out of the relationship between Kirk & Spock :mrgreen:

Many others have got banned, and wrongly so IMO due to pressure from a couple of weak minded minority thinkers, where Steiny mods caved like a bunch of wussies :wink:

Aw man Im sorry to hear about Mike and Tammo- prayers and condolences
Are there any archives of posts from these people you mentioned?
Yes along with the excellent info there were a lot of laughs on this forum.

I miss the laughs.

Am I the only one who remembers PhilExpert? :laughing: This person had multiple posts every day (most of it very poor advice) and after months finally admitted on line he had a psychological problem with posting so much and then vanished.

I guess some like Bas and Woodlock just lost interest…in music production that is. Others were banned but still post at Gearslutz, even though Steinberg representatives have offered them redemption to come back.

It seems to me Steinberg strategy is to quickly move potentially embarrassing/controversial posts to this forum…the Steinberg Lounge where there is much lower viewing, therefore leaving the General forum very quiet. It’s sort of like going to the clinic. If the doctor(s) can’t give the right healing prescription, you get sent here in the psychological ward.

I get the feeling many users have re-invented themselves with a new name and perhaps attitude? It’s interesting to note a few fanboys who posted daily, and racked up a few hundred posts within just a few months, have vanished overnight. :mrgreen:

Now, what can possibly give you that impression? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

When I re-registered I went anonymous because one troll on the old forum used my details to find out my address and then threatened to have me shot because I suggested that his DAW software might not in fact be out to get him. :unamused:

Well, I’m a pro and making music is how I earn my living. I certainly don’t want any spat on the internet to spill out in real life and do some damage. There are lots of crazy people in this world… Some of these have a very unnatural and unhealthy emotional attachment to their gear and the companies that produce it. To me, music hardware and software are just tools and I treat them as such. Unfortunately, in their eyes that makes me a heretic who deserves to be punished…

Some of the funniest posts I’ve ever read on the net were in that old Forum.

now I remember one: IkeTurner had a lot of funny replies hahaha!

2000-2005 was the wild west days of the internet. Cubase cracks n warez, a guaranteed spicy forum sometimes out of control, and not a day went by when someone didn’t ask where that damn button is to convert midi to audio. Oh, and how to make a Van Halen Jump patch too.

We pleaded and begged Steinberg to give us multiple undos. They did just that with CubaseSX, but we lost the fabulous Cubase-Wavelab integration because of it.

We laughed at Steinbergs Neon because there was Reaktor had just been released.

Waves ruled…if you could afford the Native Power Pack. Otherwise use Freeverb and suffer through the basic bad Steinberg effects, although Free Filter was intriguing.

Or at Nerg’s!