is anyone available to do a 'test' connection

is anyone available to do a ‘test’ connection - im still figuring it out but need some one to connect to me

I guess this says a lot for its popularity…:pensive:

well, it has grown faster than the virus during the last week or so, that much is certain.

I have joined many Cubase groups on Facebook in an attempt to find someone who has used VST Connect successfully… only one reply on one of four groups, and that person said forget it as it doesn’t work?

I was trying to find someone to connect to so that I can figure it out. Its a shame I can’t run a separate computer with Performer on so that I can work it out without needing to bother anyone else… but as this can not be done I can’t test, and theres not enough users.

When you connected with me you sounded like you had it working.

Didn’t you download the VST Connect Pro trial? You get 10 days to test with it on the local network.

Hi Steve
I did download the VST Connect Pro - when I listened back to the recording I made when i spoke to you it was incredibly noisy - it would have been unusable for a recording. Its a real shame I can’t set up VST Performer on another computer so I could experiment with it and get it working properly, but I’m told this can’t be done as it’s on the same network (a real shame).
I managed to connect to my drummer but it wasn’t good and we could not record anything and also had to communicate through Skype… we are desperately looking for an alternative - something that is not overly complicated and actually works… this is too frustrating.
I joined a number of Cubase Groups on Facebook and asked on all of them if anyone uses Connect only one person got back to me and (I quote) said it’s poop and doesn’t work. Desperately needing something. Thanks for the other evening by the way.


I thought that was going to be our little secret! :laughing:

If you haven’t tested with your own gear you might be missing something. Anyway, good luck.

The problem is that I can’t test it without someone connecting and it seems nobody uses it…
It’s a shame I can’t run performer on my laptop so I can play about with both connect and performer but it won’t run on the same network - it doesn’t run all that well on a different network :joy:

I offer myself to try to connect with somebody

As we’ve discussed before, the Pro version does work on a lan, and they offer a trial license