Is anyone experiencing changing sample rates in 9.5.1?

I will set up a Project for 48kHz/24bit and then, as I am trying a few different plugins (all 64 bit VST3 - because everything else is locked out, correct?) I will get a window that asks me if I want to change sample rates.

I decided to run the plugin scan from the 9.5.1 Plugin window and immediately (18% of scan) Cubase froze. After a PC restart, I opened the same Project and tried the same rescan. This time 55% and then a freeze. After another PC restart, I did the same thing and got to 96% but Cubase locked up again. So another PC restart and the scan was completed. I pressed the scan plugins button again and the scan took maybe 2 seconds, no problems. I tried it again right after this, opening another Project window, and the scan took 1 second if that, with no problems.

Are any of you experiencing this sample rate change issue? Do you think it is plugin related via the 9.5.1 program that sorts the blacklisted plugins? Is this scanning something that I will need to keep doing over time? I would think the Cubase program would refresh this every time at startup. No?

No vst2 64bit, are also ok to use.
The first scan takes longer, as every plugin is tested and if no problems arise they are put in the database.
The same plugins do not get tested again next time you open Cubase, that’s why it opens faster.
If any of the plugins dont conform to the vst2 od vst3 standard ( could be a buggy plugin or a missing license for the plugin) it will get blacklisted, and thus not get scanned gain on the next start.
Only exception to the rule is Daylight Saving Time (DST), when the clocks change the way windows handles it (when set to automatic DST) triggers a new scan as all plugins from a Cubase perspective are seen as a new plugin.